Calçada Marquês

This building in the centre of Lisbon is in Santos-o-Velho much sought after for its investment rentals touristic attractions and is an iconic area by the Avenida Dom Carlos I. It comprises studio, studio plus 1, one bedroom, one bedroom plus one apartments. Each of the 28 apartments has been designed for the elegance and the charisma of the building but with consideration for practical issues of today’s modern living.

The list of finishings chosen is a reflection of the demands and quality used in the project. The areas vary between 35sqm and 74sqm.

The one bedroom apartment has good light, well organised spaces, combines functionality in a modern apartment which blends in with the charm in the area it is in. Given its location and the size all apartments have a guaranteed rental annual income of 4% for 5 years.

The project is due for completion in the last quarter of 2018.


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Available Property Types – Calçada do Marquês:

Fraction Floor Typology Interior Areas *Other Areas Price
B T0 36.85m2 282.000€
C T1 51.5m2 394.000€
G T1 51.5m2 394.000€
H T0 36.65m2 280.000€
I T0 35.06m2 268.000€
M T0 36.65m2 280.000€
N T0 35.06m2 268.000€
O T0+1 50.01m2 4.07m2 414.000€
P T1+1 69.55m2 4.58m2 567.000€
Q T0 34.04m2 4.24m2 293.000€
R T0 30.06m2 6.93m2 287.000€

Available Property Types – Rua Merca Tudo:

Fraction Floor Typology Interior Areas *Other Areas Price
B 1 T1 41,58m² 30,81m² 402.000€
C 1 T0 35,74m² 0,23m² 254.000€
D 1 T1 40,30m² 284.000€
E 2 T1 41,58m² 1,50m² 304.000€
F 2 T0 35,74m² 0,46m² 256.000€
G 2 T1 40,30m² 1,49m² 295.000€
H 3 T1 41,58m² 1,50m² 304.000€
I 3 T0 35,74m² 252.000€
J 3 T1 40,30m² 1,49m² 295.000€
L 4 T1 40,88m² 2,92m² 309.000€
N 4 T1 39,72m² 3,19m² 303.000€

Listed Properties of this Development:

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