Business Opportunity, Building, São Bento, Lisbon

Two buildings located in São Bento, with approved project, for the construction of ten apartments, with a gross area of 642 sqm.

The center of political life in Portugal is in São Bento, in the Assembleia da República. From here comes the name its neighborhood, which unfolds around the São Bento street, which runs from the Palácio de São Bento to the Largo do Rato. It is an important connection between Santos, Estrela, and Amoreiras, but it is also a relatively narrow street (its entrance, Rato, almost goes unnoticed), used mostly by Lisbon’s inhabitants. The side streets are quiet and there´s almost no traffic.

Quiet neighborhood with a younger population.  With parks around it, including the Jardim das Flores, the area in front of the Assembly and Jardim da Estrela.

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