Authentic Bicas Comporta

Authentic Bicas Comporta is a different initiative. It’s a compromise between genuineness and a promise of comfort and simplicity. It’s a way to live the authenticity of being.
Nestled between the rural and the contemporary, with an entrancing view of the mountain range and close to the Carvalhal and Pêgo’s beaches, Authentic Bicas Comporta is a Project that contemplates Suites & Villas.

Close to the sea and at the heart of the countryside, there’s a small hamlet in the Comporta area which people call Bicas. A place hidden enough to be found and to rediscover the peace of mind and comfort after a work week. The proximity with the capital is a commodity, but true comfort is here, halfway between the fields, the sea and modern life’s pleasures. A hidden haven where the best of all worlds meet.

Among the 16 Authentic Bicas Comporta Villas you can find six 2 bedroom Villas, eight 3 bedrooms Villas and another two 4 bedrooms Villas that bestow maximum privacy. Completely independent, with individual pools, each Villa offers an exclusive level of comfort, with all the necessary infrastructures for long term stays.

These 16 suites surrounded by the mountain range, on one hand, and with the fishing town just a few kilometres away, on the other, it provides an immersive experience of going back to your roots with gastronomy, tradition and popular culture.

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Available Property Types:

Typology Interior Areas Other areas * Price Plantas PDF
1 SuiteG 55m2 745m2 RESERVED PDF
2 SuiteG 55m2 567m2 RESERVED PDF
3 Suite 55m2 705m2 RESERVED PDF
4 SuiteG 55m2 758m2 RESERVED PDF
5 Suite 55m2 760m2 RESERVED PDF
6 SuiteG 55m2 761m2 RESERVED PDF
7 SuiteG 55m2 771m2 RESERVED PDF
8 Suite 55m2 865m2 RESERVED PDF
9 Suite 55m2 777m2 RESERVED PDF
10 SuiteG 55m2 748m2 RESERVED PDF
11 Suite 55m2 822m2 RESERVED PDF
12 Suite 55m2 767m2 RESERVED PDF
13 T2 122m2 3 973m2 RESERVED PDF
14 T2 122m2 3 274m2 PRE-RESERVED PDF
15 T2 122m2 3 356m2 RESERVED PDF
16 T2 122m2 3 377m2 RESERVED PDF
17 T3 160m2 4 097m2 RESERVED PDF
18 T4 210m2 13 792m2 RESERVED PDF
19 T3 160m2 4 195m2 RESERVED PDF
20 T3 160m2 5 205m2 RESERVED PDF
21 T3 160m2 6 285m2 RESERVED PDF
22 T3 160m2 6 191m2 RESERVED PDF
23 T3 160m2 5 124m2 POA PDF
24 T3 160m2 4 043m2 RESERVED PDF
25 T3 160m2 6 516m2 POA PDF
26 Suite 55m2 810m2 RESERVED PDF
27 Suite 55m2 813m2 RESERVED PDF
28 SuiteG 55m2 813m2 RESERVED PDF
29 SuiteG 55m2 811m2 RESERVED PDF
30 T4 210m2 4 924m2 RESERVED PDF
31 T2 122m2 3 940m2 RESERVED PDF
32 T2 122m2 3 454m2 POA PDF

* Others areas, considered as balcony, terrace, terrace deck and garden

Listed Properties of this Development:

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