Edifício Teatro


Located in Cascais’ historical center, Edifício Teatro benefits from the proximity to main attractions and walking distance from museums, public gardens, stunning beaches, high-end restaurants and the marina. The perfect location to enjoy a unique quality of life.

The building is comprised of 21 apartments, ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom. with areas from 83 to 162 sqm and the project belongs to Fragmentos architecture studio. With large terraces facing the patio and generous areas, the top apartments have unobstructed views and all apartments benefit from parking, storage and a common laundry.

Developed in a quiet residential neighborhood, Edifício Teatro was designed with the intention of creating an aesthetically appealing and contemporary living space, ensuring a connection with the existing urban landscape. The building creates a surprising effect: contrasting with the sober exterior, the interior presents luminous and verdant, where life is elevated by the natural exuberance of the common garden.

The project is due for completion in the Spring 2019.

The proof that what you see is not always what it seems. It is much more.


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Available Property Types:

Fraction Floor Typology Interior Areas Others areas* Parking Price PDF Plan
A1 0 T2 124.1m2 11m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
A2 0 T1 82.7m2 11m2 1 SOLD PDF PLANT
A3 1 T2 122.1m2 11,5m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
A4 1 T2 107,7m2 8,5m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
A5 1 T1 84m2 5m2 1 SOLD PDF PLANT
A6 2 T2 125,5m2 70,8m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
A7 2 T2 100,7m2 17,3m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B1 0 T2 110,4m2 16,8m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B2 0 T1 90,4m2 6,1m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B3 0 T2 141,3m2 22,5m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B4 1 T1 91,4m2 2,4m2 1 SOLD PDF PLANT
B5 1 T2 125,5m2 15,2m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B6 1 T2 141,9m2 16.9m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B7 2 T2 113,5m2 18,5m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
B8 2 T3 162m2 79,4m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C1 0 T2 106,7m2 16,8m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C2 0 T2 113,6m2 16,8m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C3 1 T2 123,2m2 15,2m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C4 1 T3 152,5m2 15,2m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C5 2 T2 111,8m2 18,5m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT
C6 2 T3 135m2 18,1m2 2 SOLD PDF PLANT

* Others areas, considered as balcony, terrace, terrace deck and garden

Listed Properties of this Development:





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