One D.Carlos I

Located in the historical and residential area of Santos.
It has a contemporary architecture comprising 52 apartments from studio to 2 bedroom with areas between 40sqm to 140sqm. It also has 5 penthouses up to 173sqm. All apartments have a terrace or balcony where you can enjoy fantastic views from three sides – over the Tagus River, the Largo Vitorino Damásio or over the city.

The Santos area which is gaining popularity has been requalified by the Lisbon City Council. It is near the Time Out Market, the D. Luis Garden as well as many restaurants and leisure and entertainment areas. Becoming livelier all the time it has the attraction for both residents as well as tourists.

The project is due for completion in the end of 2019.

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Available Property Types:

Unit Floor Typology View Interior Areas Other Areas* Price PDF Plans
1B 1 T2 Plaza 81.82m2 50m2 SOLD
3D 1 T2 Plaza 102.21m2 17m2 672.000€ PDF
4E 1 T0 Cais do Tojo St 42.71m2 3m2 RESERVED PDF
5F 2 T0 Cais do Tojo St 47.49m2 3.14m2 299.000€ PDF
6G 2 T0 Plaza 42.81m2 4.92m2 SOLD PDF
8I 2 T1 River/Plaza 52.60m2 21.38m2 SOLD PDF
9J 2 T0 D.Luís I ST 37.33m2 5.33m2 SOLD PDF
10L 2 T2 D.Luís I St/Plaza 102.20m2 16.49m2 761.000€ PDF
11M 2 T0 Cais do Tojo ST 42.71m2 3.05m2 RESERVED PDF
12N 3 T0 City 47.49m2 3.14m2 RESERVED PDF
13O 3 T0 Plaza 42.81m2 4.92m2 321 000€ PDF
17S 3 T2 D.Luís I St/Plaza 102.20m2 16.49m2 790.000€ PDF
19U 4 T0 City 47.49m2 3.14m2 320.000€ PDF
20V 4 T0 Plaza 42.81m2 4.92m2 SOLD PDF
26AD 5 T0 City 47.49m2 3.14m2 337.000€ PDF
46BA 8 & 9 T2 City 116.91m2 28.24m2 SOLD
48BC 8 & 9 T2 Plaza 93.386m2 32.5m2 1 004 000 €

Listed Properties of this Development:

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