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We know that valuing a property/plot of land is not an exact science and is subject to an amount of subjectivity, Each property owner values their property using subjective characteristics. Fill in the fields below and adjust the rating value scales and you will see the fair market value of your property according to your subjective judgements.

Authorized Construction Area (Do not include basements or outbuildings).


This valuation tool is only valid for properties in Portugal, and you should assume that the most high demand location in Portugal is Chiado in Lisbon. All other locations are lesser. Choose a location rating for your property on the scale below based on “0” representing a low demand location through to “10” being Chiado, Lisbon.


An unobstructed Sea or River is by far the most valued. Rate your property views using the scale below that starts from total lack of view “0” to totally unobstructed ocean or river view “10”.

New or Old

You must consider whether it is a brand new building and whether it is in a good condition. Using the scale below rate your property from a ruin “0” through to brand new & immaculate “10”.

Special features

Perhaps your property has some special features that you believe add to its value. These could be considerations such as a large garden & pool, an internal Spa or exceptional privacy with a villa. For an apartment perhaps you have a superb terrace, security features, excellent solar orientation or if in a city centre location, you have a garage. Use the scale below to rate any Special features of your property starting from “0” for no features through to “10” for outstanding unique features.

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