D7 Visa



The D7 visa is an interesting option for foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union and who have their own income from a retirement pension (pensioners), movable or immovable property, intellectual property or financial investments and who want to reside in Portugal, having as some of the main advantages: the possibility of family reunification, enjoying a qualified and accessible health system, access to the law and the courts and also, as another plus factor, obtaining the Non-Habitual Resident Status.

The D7 Visa allows its holder to obtain authorization and residency in Portugal for a period of 2 years, which can be renewed later for a period of 3 more years. After completion of 5 years, the applicant may acquire a permanent residence permit or the Portuguese nationality.

Besides being able to proof income, the applicant and Family members must meet another requirement: living effectively in Portugal for 6 consecutive months per year or 8 intercalated months per year.

All the informateion above was provided by, https://www.martinezechevarria.pt/en/d7-visa/


We recommend you to contact a lawyer to know more about the D7 Visa in Portugal.