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The MUT development is located in Porto, in Arca D´Água. It presents 2 and 3 bedrooms and areas between 88 sq.m and 115 sq.m displaying two distinct and innovative concepts: the Urban block, more modern and irreverent, and the Terrace block, with features that are more familiar and timeless. MUT offers high-quality finishes, large balconies in all apartments, common areas with coworking spaces, a bike park, theme entrance halls, a rooftop lounge, and a shared laundry room.

Monsanto's Urban Terrace provides its residents with a mobile app that includes a list of helpful contacts in the area, allowing better management of the condominium and providing access to the building's technical documentation. In addition, and due to the technological development that is more and more present in our daily lives, the apartments are equipped with an evolutive home automation system for controlling lighting and blinds via the mobile/Wi-Fi app. The expected completion date is March 2023.

Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe. Its vast artistic heritage, Port wine, outdoor leisure spaces, and cultural life are only some of the reasons to visit this city. Porto develops along the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean, revealing enchanting views, inviting terraces, and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by green spaces.

REF Unit Floor Bedrooms Total Private Area Price
APT4227DM A.4.2 4 3 115m² 397 000 €
APT4228DM A.5.3 5 2 90m² SOLD
APT4229DM A.6.2 6 3 115m² 421 000 €
APT4230DM A.6.3 6 2 90m² SOLD
APT4231DM A.7.2 7 3 115m² SOLD
APT4232DM A.7.3 7 2 90m² SOLD
APT4233DM B.2.6 2 2 88m² SOLD
APT4234DM B.3.4 3 2 98m² SOLD
APT4235DM B.4.3 4 2 98m² SOLD
APT4236DM B.4.5 4 2 88m² SOLD
APT4237DM B.5.3 5 2 98m² SOLD
APT4238DM B.5.4 5 2 98m² SOLD
APT4239DM B.5.5 5 2 88m² SOLD
APT4240DM B.6.7 6 2 95m² SOLD
APT4241DM B.7.5 7 2 92m² SOLD
APT4242DM B.7.6 7 2 88m² SOLD


Available property types
REF: Unit: Title Bedrooms Bathrooms Building area Plot Area Price
APT4229DM Modern, Apartment, Arca da Água, Porto 3 3 115 421 000 €